Saturday, September 01, 2012

Credulous Libs and Photoshop

So this pic is currently making the rounds of the leftward section of the Internet showing the Republican Convention debt clock and the "We Built It" sign.

Usually its accompanied by a smug "Ha! Ha! Those Republicans are so dumb".

The problem with that oh-so-smart smugness is that the photo is a fake, a Photoshop.

The trouble is that it fits the Left's preconceptions so well, they fell for it in droves, including the media with an example being the Future Journalism Project.

Future Journalism Project properly apologized for falling for the hoax, but it is clear their preconceptions allowed them to be suckered by it. After all, it fits their world view so well that they didn't even bother to check its validity. Hopefully they'll be more careful in the future.

Expect further fakery along these lines this campaign season, especially for such to be virally picked up when such fakery endorses the left's view of the way things are or should be.

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