Tuesday, November 28, 2023

Good Reading Around The Webs

MosiacEcstasy and Amnesia in the Gaza Strip 

The article gives quite a good explanation as to the Arab mindset and how we got to the present conflict.  It's not just that, as Abba Eban said,  "The Arabs never miss an opportunity to miss an opportunity", it's more and more clear that they don't want the opportunity in the first place. Unfortunately, they keep getting bailed out of their continuing string of bad choices, leading to the conflict continuing ad infinitum.

Daniel Greenfield: How Hamas Became an Environmentalist and Gun Control Cause.  If you're not regularly reading Daniel Greenfield, you should be. 

In this article he explores how the strange leftist bedfellows came to be through intersectionality.  The weird case of LGBTers standing up for Hamas - the same Hamas that  gives LGBTers flying lessons off rooftops as standard practice.  Also the case of environmentalists for Hamas, (one would think Hamas' rockets harm the environment and lead to global warming and all that). That gun controllers are demonstrating for Hamas is also rather impressive - Hamas' attack shows the horrible outcome of gun control where defenseless people get massacred by armed monsters, but gun controllers never really act from logic anyways.

Hot Air: Hamas Keeps Violating Ceasefire Agreement

Totally unexpectedly, of course.

CDR. Salamander:American Naval Forces (with a Japanese assist) Capture Pirates

If you're not regularly reading CDR. Salamander, you really should as you're missing out on some masterful analysis of world naval affairs. 

Here we have Yemeni pirates hijacking ships that have connections to Israel, and the US Navy once again taking on anti-piracy operations in the region.  We also have the Houthis launching ballistic missiles at a US Destroyer - no forcible response from the Biden administration to this attack so far, which seems to be par for the course.

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Chuck Pergiel said...

I looked at the Mosaic essay. It's much too long for me. I stand by my assessment. The Ayatollahs in Iran preach hatred for infidels and they need events to demonstrate that they are fighting against the infidels and that the infidels are attacking their loyal followers. In other words, they encouraged Hamas to attack in order to generate news reports for their local loyal media. It is all just a propaganda operation to maintain their hold on power. If the violence is horrific, all the better.