Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Damn Stupid Porch Pirates

Well had my first porch pirate experience yesterday.

Had a delivery form Amazon, which included a nice picture of a small Amazon box and an Amazon box nicely located on my front landing.

Got home, the box was gone and the envelope was still there, along with some fresh footprints in the snow leading to the front landing that showed where the bugger came from and the direction he left in.

Interestingly, the jerk grabbed the box only, and they grabbed the wrong item.

The box had a 4-pack of lithium AAA batteries that I needed but has a value of about $12.

The envelope had some supplies in it that was worth more than that.

I'm rather curious as to why the scumbag decided to just take the box and leave the envelope behind. I expect the lithium battery warning label on the box probabl;y made them think they were getting something valuable.

First porch pirate experience, cannot recommend.


Eck! said...

One of those small game cameras. After all your hunting wily wabbits.


Aaron said...

Eck! Yep that is being worked on as we speak. Halfway want to make a decoy glitter box package for porch pirates.

michigan doug said...

I've been happy with Blink cameras.

Matthew W said...

I love those glitter bomb videos !!!!!