Wednesday, January 30, 2019

So How Cold Is It?

Windchill is now 35 degrees below zero.

So cold that when I took Jett for his night time walk, the bitter wind brought tears to my eyes, which froze immediately onto my eyelids.

So cold that Jett basically said to heck with it and cut his walk real short all on his own.

So cold you can throw a pan of boiling water up into the air and none of it hits the ground as water (yes did that again today for fun).

So cold that Pontiac airport is reporting a density altitude of -4,177 feet. Normal density altitude is positive 1,000 feet. That would make for some awesome airplane performance -- assuming you don't freeze to death during the pre-flight.

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B said...

Yeah, last year did a flight in a 172 at a density altitude of -3500 feet or so.

Climbed like a homesick angel and turned light a fighter jet.

It was colder here than there? I am surprised. We had a REAL temp of -26F at one point.