Thursday, March 09, 2017

And The Winds Sure Blew Yesterday And On Into The Night

Apparently this was one of the biggest windstorms in Michigan, period. Winds reached up to 73 miles per hour.

Power is out for about 600,000 people and the earliest restoration for 90% of those is Sunday. Oh, and the temperature is going to drop below freezing and it will snow then. We're gonna be all sorts of screwed.

The neighbors currently aren't very happy with these winds either:

Poor folks. They just moved into the neighborhood right before winter and have been stuck on the street once due to ice, slipped off their driveway into the ditch, again due to ice, and now they have one of their very large trees across their driveway. This doesn't happen to most people when they move in here, really. Luckily no one was hurt and they were away at the time and their house and cars are unscathed.

Now I'm at the library as neither the house nor office has power.

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