Wednesday, September 14, 2016

There's Quite A Lot Of Irony In His Pursuing That Particular Degree

The heart-string pulling story of the day comes from USA Today is that of an illegal alien losing his scholarship eligibility at Arizona State University for being illegal.

USA Today: Strangers fund 'dreamer' who lost college scholarship

So the fellow qualified under Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals to be allowed to work and not be deported, but that doesn't let him be eligible for free tuition or financial aid, which rather makes sense given his status and that othwerwise he would be supported on the tax payer's dime while being in the country illegally. Sadly he would be unable to go to college as a result. So, 400 people apparently respnded to a Go Fund Me campaign and funded an illegal alien to go to college on their dime. Well, it's their money and their choice I suppose, aside from the discount he gets for being an illegal in-state student, a tuition break denied to legal out of state students.

Oh, and the degree he, an illegal alien, is pursuing? Criminal Justice.

You can't make this kind of ironic story up.

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