Thursday, September 29, 2016

A Surprising Detroit News Endorsement In The 2016 Election Train Wreck

This hot mess of an election campaign is making for some interesting decisions as people are faced with making the least bad decision.

For the first time in 143 years, the Detroit News is not endorsing a Republican for president nor abstaining from making an endorsement.

Instead, they've endorsed Gary Johnson as the least bad of the choices available, even as they identify that he has quite a few flaws as well.

The Detroit News: Endorsement: Libertarian Gary Johnson for president

That's a pretty huge change on the Detroit News' part, and could be one of the first times a major paper has endorsed a Libertarian candidate for President, even as they acknowledge he likely won't win.

They point out what a dumpster fire Trump would be as president given his campaign behavior to date, and they point out Hillary's longstanding ethical issues (not as strongly as they go after Trump, but still) - namely you have to have some ethics to begin with, and she doesn't.

It certainly adds to the Trump as stalking horse for Hillary and taking the air out of the GOP theme - after all, if Trump was trying to craftily throw the election her way, what would he be doing differently?

Certainly not the expected endorsement from the Detroit News. Then again this is not the election most of us were expecting either.

Expect the Freep to endorse Hillary - Democrats after all forgive and ignore any flaws so long as they win.

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Scott said...

My regard for the editorial board of the Detroit News went down significantly when I read that endorsement article. Did you catch the part where they said Hillary has the "demeanor" to be president, her ethical considerations aside? Puh-lease. What a bunch of mealy-mouthed Boehnerites. I like their sports coverage and some of their news is interesting, but I can't take their editorialists seriously any more

I'm not excited to vote for Trump but a Clinton Presidency would be an utter disaster, starting with the Supreme Court justices she would appoint. Johnson is a non-starter for me, and I have Libertarian tendencies.