Saturday, July 11, 2015

Minions At The Drive-In

Yesterday night we took Leah to see Minions.

But not at a movie theater.

Instead we took her to the Summer Drive-In at Compuware Arena in Plymouth Township.

A classic drive-in experience, we paid, drove to the appropriate screen parking lot, backed in and setup to watch the movie from the trunk of the family runabout.

There was quite a crowd of cars there for the film yet it was quite family oriented and everyone present was well behaved. We had brought along a portable radio so we could leave the car off and not wear down the battery while watching film. It worked out very very well.

Minions was a darn fun movie. Telling the implausible origin of the Minions in an entertaining and historical way.  Set mainly in the 60s, it had a ton of classic rock music and references that adults got and kids enjoyed without knowing the context.

We didn't stay for the second film of the double feature because by the time the Minion movie ended it was already 11:30 pm and way past Leah's bedtime and she wasn't awake enough to want to stay and see the next movie, Max. Truth be told, it was a heckuva week and we weren't awake enough to stick around for it either.

The downsides to the experience was the ridiculous amount of advertisements shown before the movie began, that and the screen wasn't quite fully taunt so there were some annoying waves that were present when watching the film. Also, people with cars with exterior lights that would flash on whenever they opened their doors, and quite a few people had kids hopping in and out from car to car, which was also somewhat distracting.

The second downside was very apparent this morning, when I awoke with a very sore neck from leaning back in the trunk to watch the movie for two hours. Ouch. I can't turn my head to the left at the moment.


Brigid said...

I always loved the drive in as a little kid. When I got older, my parents forbid me to go with my boyfriend alone. I didn't explain that his divorced Mom worked and we had a whole HOUSE to ourselves after school.

Old NFO said...

But it was a fun experience, right? :-)

Aaron said...

Brigid: Ah, those were the days indeed, weren't they? One day I may even tell a related tale involving how long it took to wallpaper a room.....

Old NFO: That it was, but next time I'm bringing a camp chair or some padding.