Friday, March 07, 2014

I've Heard Of House Hoarders, But Car Hoarders?

A rather strange sight was seen in the parking lot this morning at work:

Notice how low to the ground the car is due to all the weight of the crap piled inside. Driving it with a complete lack of visibility out of the sides and rear must be a treat coupled with the lowered clearance.

The car noticeably stank even in these freezing temperatures, but at least there were no visible bodies in all that rubbish.

Both the person driving the car and the car itself certainly need a serious intervention.


Keads said...


Murphy's Law said...

No Obama stickers on it? How peculiar.

ProudHillbilly said...

I've got 2 neighbors on my street who use the junk cars on their properties to pack full of junk overflow.

Aaron said...

The car has since left the lot and I didn't get to see the driver, so the car wasn't abandoned here. There's quite a few medical offices in the building so likely they were going to one of them. Too bad the doc didn't see the car and have the person committed.

Keads: Yep, I said something similar seeing it.

ML: It's likely inside buried under all the garbage.

PH: That must really increase local property values.