Thursday, March 06, 2014

Home Invasions In Detroit Are Becoming Costlier For Criminals

In recent weeks, in separate incidents, 5 home invaders have assumed room temperature after being shot by homeowners.

The Detroit News: Detroit man shoots at intruders, killing one in latest home invasion

Another would-be burglar was fatally shot Thursday by a homeowner — at least the fifth such incident in recent weeks.

Thursday’s shooting happened at about 12:30 p.m. when two men allegedly broke into a home on the 8200 block of Penrod on the city’s west side, Detroit Police Third Deputy Chief Rodney Johnson said.

“The homeowner was able to retrieve his weapon, and fired off one shot, hitting one of the burglars,” Johnson said. “He ran away and collapsed in the driveway. The other burglar was able to escape.”

There's clearly been a sea-change in policy in the Detroit police department. Here's what the Third Deputy Chief said about the incident:

It's a message to the criminals: stop coming into people’s homes unannounced and uninvited," Johnson said.

Truer words were never spoken in Detroit.


Murphy's Law said...

And every time it happens, the air gets a little fresher.

Six said...

+1 to ML. It warms my heart to see the Detroit PD getting on this bandwagon. About 60 years late but take what we can get I suppose.

Aaron said...

Yes, reality has finally reached the upper echelons of the Detroit PD.

Be interesting the see the deterrent effect from 5 interdicted home invasions in a single week as word gets out to the no-goodniks that the residents aren't playing around anymore.