Monday, April 08, 2013

Way To Keep it Classy There Cartoonist Mike Thompson

Mike Thompson, the Detroit Free Press' mediocre and reliably lefty cartoonist sure can make a classy statement.

His latest cartoon, unworthy of being pasted here, depicts Dick Cheney in a strait jacket in a padded room.

He's saying "Nuke North Korea Obliterate! Obliterate! Obliterate!" with a nurse standing at the doorway saying "Being Out Of Power When There's Plausible Excuse for a war pushed him over the edge".

Of course, Dick Cheney has said no such thing, nor called for the obliteration of North Korea, and the whole stupid uncalled for cartoon emerged ex-nihilo from Thompson's fevered lefty imagination. Must have been a slow progressive news day.

Mind you, this is the same cartoonist that on March 31 had published a cartoon with a North korean peopn pulling Kim Jong Un in a rickshaw in front of a building labelled "The Democratic Peoples Republic Parking Lot of Korea".

In other words, Mike Thompson crafted a cartoon all on his own that was a call to Obliterate! North Korea.

Way to project your own bluster on to your invented image of Dick Cheney there Thompson.

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Murphy's Law said...

Thompson is a sad and frustrated loser who drinks himself into stupors because he can't quite figure out how to be as crappy a human being as Ted Rall is.