Thursday, January 10, 2013

Kahr And Crimson Trace = Perfect Pocket Pistol Package

I just received my purchased Crimson Trace LG-437 Laserguard for my Kahr PM9.

I'm quite impressed.

The LG-437 fits over the trigger guard, keeping the grip nice and slim and uncluttered.

Installing the Laserguard was simpicity itself.

Before you begin, make sure the firearm is unloaded, then make sure its unloaded again.

I'd suggest removing the magazine and ammunition (don't forget the one in the chamber) and then taking the twice-inspected empty gun to a different room to do the install, and keep the slide locked open during the install process.

First you put the battery, + side up, into the Laserguard on the laser side.

Next, place the laser side of the Laserguard onto the trigger guard and have it click in over the trigger guard.

Next, click the other side into place on the other side of the trigger guard, press into place and lock into place with the two supplied screws and supplied Allen key.

And you're done!

Total install time: about 3 minutes tops including reading the manual.

The gun fits back nicely into the DeSantis Nemesis Pocket Holster. It doesn't fit quite as deeply as before, as the laser does protrude a bit into the holster outline stitching, but it is only slightly raised in the holster. That actually improves the draw as the holster is now less likely to come out with the Kahr as a result.

The laser light lines up perfectly with the sights when the pressure pad on the front of the grip is depressed and there is no felt weight increase, and the grip feel and balance of the firearm is unchanged. Now I'll need to take it to the range.

Having had a Crimson Trace laser on the Glock 23 for quite a few years now, I can appreciate the usefulness of the laser for carry and look forward to carrying the Kahr with the Laserguard mounted on it.

Impressively, Crimson Trace is now offering lifetime free batteries (one set every year) with purchase of their lasers. Kinda cool. I also appreciate that they supply the right sized allen key with the product, making installation hassle-free and easy.

I'd certainly recommend the Laserguard as a useful addition to your pocket carry pistol.


Keads said...

CT is among my favorite vendors. Excellent customer service and a great product.

Congrats! Looks great!

Aaron said...


I agree. I've always had a great experience with CT, and their products that I've purchased have all been top-notch.