Wednesday, December 05, 2012

Well, Detroit At Least Beat Baghdad and Mogadishu (For Now)

The Detroit Free Press reports it wrong, even as the truth is bad enough.

The Detroit Free Press headline reads: Vienna tops list of best cities for quality of life; Detroit lands in 200s However, when you look at the highlights of the Mercer study the Free Press cites, it does not state that Detroit is in the 200s. Instead the 2012 Quality of Living study says:

In the United States, Honolulu (28) and San Francisco (29) are the highest-ranking cities, followed by Boston (35). Chicago is ranked 42nd, while Washington, DC, is ranked 43rd. Detroit (71) is the lowest-ranking of the US cities that Mercer surveys.

Must be the new math.

However, even at dead last among all cities in the United States, Detroit can take heart that it beat out Port-au-Prince, Haiti ranked at 219 and Baghdad, Iraq ranked at 221. As far as I can tell, Mogadishu didn't even make the survey cut.

Beating out Port-Au-Prince and Baghdad is hardly worth bragging about. Considering that Detroit is well on the road to bankruptcy or a (now much-weakened) EFM, after being run in a similar manner to Port-Au-Prince, it is not much of a consolation.


Murphy's Law said...

Jo-Ann Watson and Kwame Kenyatta gonna get you if you keep pointing stuff like this out.

Aaron said...

Nah, Watson is busy cozying up to her pal 0 to bail the city out.