Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Loading Time Again

The Dillon was all set and I prepared to load some 45 ACP.

I had a few teething issues in terms of getting the primers to seat in the brass and some issues with getting the powder measure. Both issues were due to loose screws and the powder die that had backed out a bit after so many years of disuse. The problems were very ably diagnosed and resolved by Dillon's excellent phone support and I was ready to go.

Once properly set, the powder measure consistently disbursed the same amount of powder with every pull of the handle and I was off to a good yet slow start back into reloading.

Being cautious, I checked the powder level in each and every case to make sure it was consistent, and checked each loaded cartridge overall length, which also was nice and uniform. Might as well get back into reloading slowly, deliberately, and carefully.

The strong mount and roller handle certainly gave the machine a different feel and it is now working like a champ.

Not a bad restart to reloading.


eiaftinfo said...

Nice! Looking forward to future posts on this topic!

Six said...

You have a great set up Aaron and your Dillon is looking downright beautiful. I've been running the RCBS single stage hard the past week and getting the upgrade itch. Murphy's Law mentioned that he'd loaded 1,000 rounds of .40 in a day! Man, I need to drag myself into the 21st Century.

Scott said...

Well I don't have the nice Dillon rig, but I have a thousand rounds of 9mm calling me, and a bunch of .38sp after that.

I just have to clear a path to the press is all. :)

Aaron said...

eiaftinfo: Thanks, expect more to come and a range report on the rounds loaded after this weekend.

Six: Thanks as well. I'm going to keep tweaking the setup to make it more efficient, but its running very nicely now. With a progressive loader up and running, you will find it hard to go back to a single stage.

Scott: Take the time to clear the path, I found a serious clean-up session made the workspace far more usable. Happy reloading!