Saturday, November 24, 2012

The Weekend Project And Guessing Challenge

What will this be?

If time permits, we will find out by the end of this weekend.

To make it interesting, if someone other than Murphy's Law (He knows and no, you can't ask him) guesses exactly and correctly what it is going to be, I'll throw in $25 to the Save Tam fund - after all, snark like that is worth saving.


eiaftinfo said...

Loading table??

Six said...

I see 2x4s, 2x6s, some nice grained plywood, 3/8ths maybe? Is that a sheet of laminate? Backerboard? Hmmm. Legs perhaps. Interior structural supports? Shelving? That 5 foot 2x6 is throwing me. Eight 18 inch 2x6s?

Crap. I'd say a box of some type, maybe a toy box but the plywood doesn't look right. The 3 different widths of plywood argue against shelving.

I give up. I think you're just trying to drive me nuts :)

Aaron said...


Wow, you can accurately tell all those dimensions from looking at just a picture (you were dead on about the 5 foot 2x6 and the different thicknesses of plywood)? Very impressive. Its a sheet of some nice hardboard for the top of the bench.

Just so you know, considering the skills you've got, I'm calling you over next time I've got a building project. :-)

Six said...

Anytime Aaron. I think Murphy's law wants me to come out and help him with fencing anyway :)