Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Nationwide Backberry Outage

Yep, you never know how reliant you are on technology until it stops working.

I confess I'm a crackberry addict, relying on it for emails and communication back to the office when i;m in court or elsewhere.

So tonight, while there is a deposition set for tomorrow morning. The defendant's attorney who set it is now saying he won't produce his client, the plaintiff's attorney is saying he's going to show up there anyways, and I, representing the third-party defendant (The humble innocent being blamed by the defendant for all the evils under the sun of course), am left to figure out whether this thing is going to go or not.

Did I mention Defendant just happened to produce 670 pages of long overdue documents responsive to discovery requests today at 4pm, just in time for his client's deposition upon the morrow?

Of course while the emails are flying thick and fast regarding the schedule for the dep, the blackberry stops receiving them or sending.

Turns out I'm not alone.

There's apparently a nation-wide Blackberry outage.

Clearly this thorny deposition problem will not be solved tonight, so the legal battle resumes tomorrow.


Scott said...

Wow - there seems to be at least one of these major outages every year for Blackberries. Someone was posting about it on one of the techie listservs here at the U yesterday, asking if anyone else was having problems.

Is your Firm supplying or requiring these, or can you get whatever you want?

Murphy's Law said...

And over at Lagniappe's place, us Luddites are laughing our asses off. I told you all that that technology was just setting you up for failure! Bwahahahahaha!

Aaron said...

Like a certain Luddite that lost his cell phone perhaps?

In any case it all worked out, fired up the computer at home, linked in to the office system, sent emails from there without leaving the comfort of home and we had the (hilariously weird) Deposition that morning after all.

Aaron said...


Yep the firm requires them as standard and does supply them. On the upside, it does have very impressive integration with Outlook and the firm is adding new features to make it tie in to the rest of the system.

It has certainly helped me in court on lots of occasions to have my secretary email me a document that I can quickly read in court as needed.

Overall it works very well, and the ability to peruse the news or read entire books on it is a nice feature.