Sunday, December 13, 2009

Movie Cops get permit, shoot film a day early and almost get shot

When you're running around dressed as cops and brandishing firearms and then kicking in doors, its a good thing to let the real police know, especially in Detroit.

The Detroit News: Movie cops tripped up by real officers in Detroit
As movie cameras roll, a group of actors brandishing weapons is poised to kick in the front door of a house.

A squad of police officers suddenly rushes into view, pistols drawn.

"Get on the ground!" one cop yells. "Don't move!"

The actors are playing a part; their weapons are fake. But the cops -- and their guns -- are quite real.

This scenario has played out twice in Detroit in recent weeks, when film crews shooting scenes involving weapons were mistaken for real criminals by police because the moviemakers hadn't obtained the proper permits from the city.

Apparently the film crew on this occasion suffered from PMS - Premature Moviemaking Syndrome:
The company had applied for a permit through the Mayor's Office. The confusion occurred because the application was for Nov. 6 -- a day after the crew filmed at the northwest side home of actor Jermaine Allen.
Being a day early could have had some serious consequences, for now its only a misdemeanor ticket for possession of and brandishing facsimile weapons. Luckily no one was hurt this time, and next time, hopefully they'll get a permit for the right day.

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