Monday, July 06, 2009

From the Department of Security Leaks

From Jolly Olde England, where we thought they knew better:

Wife exposes chief spy's personal life on Facebook
It is always a case of some considerable concern when a lady reveals too much on Facebook. The site has standards, after all.

The lady in question this time is Lady Shelley Sawers, the wife of Sir John Sawers, the new head of British spy agency MI6.

According to reports in the Mail and numerous other media outlets, the fair lady may not have been quite aware that Facebook can be seen by a rather large number of people if you don't specify that you want to keep your information vaguely private.

Lady Sawers saw fit to wander onto the site and reveal where their London apartment is located and where their children are. This might not appear to be the wisest course of social action if your children happen to be the offspring of the head of an international spying network.

One would think that MI-6 would have given the wife of the head of MI-6 a little information security briefing or something.

Then again, this is the agency that had a Soviet agent running their anti-Soviet Intelligence section.

Yet another reminder that what goes on Facebook doesn't stay on Facebook.

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