Sunday, July 12, 2009

Back from Guelph, Welcome back to Michigan Roads

Just returned from a lovely wedding this weekend in Guelph, Ontario. My dear younger cousin just married a fine woman and should have many, many happy years of marriage ahead of him. A very nice couple and they should do just fine.

Immediately upon crossing the border this afternoon, I immediately knew I was back in Michigan. The roads immediately became potholed, patched and the car started vibrating and bouncing around so much I half expected to lose a tire.

It just looks bad that as soon as you cross a border and see a Welcome to Michigan sign the road goes to crap. They should at least fix the roads at the entry points so people can gain some kind of favorable impression of the state for a few fleeting moments.

The standard Michigan government excuse as to bad roads, namely winter, just doesn't fly. Sarnia is in the same climate zone as Port Huron and there's no mythical freeze/thaw divide on either side of Lake Huron that leaves Ontario untouched and Michigan hammered.

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