Saturday, January 31, 2009

Omnibus Stimulus Democratus Constituentus

When you look at the Obama stimulus plan, touted to cure the current national economic ills, it seems less an economic stimulus and more a handout for every possible Democrat constituency and power group, not to mention bailing out states, the Democrat run ones getting the most money, for balancing their budgets after they've overspent.

At Read The, you can see for yourself the sausage from which laws are made. There's enough pork in this particular sausage for every Democrat and a few "tax cuts" thrown in to try and woo Republicans.

For all the cries of urgency, only about 20% of the monies planned to be spent in the bill would actually be outlayed in 2009. In other words, its not about stimulus its about apportioning the spoils of an election won amongst Democrat supporters and readying them for the next round of elections.

The bill is less a stimulus than a wish-list for just about every Democrat program imaginable and while it will certainly put the Democrats in the position of constantly doling out the most largess to keep in power, it won't help the economy, will likely make it worse by inflation and the starving of capital from the private sector as the public sector becomes awash in funds. Heck, only a small amount is even going to repair roads and infrastructure.

On the upside this may finally teach Republicans that they really can't spend like Democrats do, no matter how much they try, and hopefully they'll get back to being the party for smaller, less intrusive but effective government.

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