Saturday, January 03, 2009

Iraqi Spies Caught in US now how about Iran's?

The Detroit News reports on a group of Michigan Iraqi's that are being tried for passing on intelligence and spying for Iraq.

Among the accused spies is one who worked for the US Military as an Arabic translator:
Issam George Hamama, 58, a former Sterling Heights resident who lives in California, worked as an Iraqi translator for the U.S. military until the indictment against him was unsealed in November.

Hamama allegedly wrote a letter about 1991 to an Iraqi cabinet minister, offering to work to counteract Iraqi traitors in the U.S. From that date, Hamama met periodically with representatives of the Iraqi Intelligence Service and received periodic payments for providing information about anti-Saddam individuals and groups inside the United States, the indictment alleges.

Hamama's Washington, D.C., attorney, Haytham Faraj, said Hamama has received "multiple accolades" from military commanders for his work as a civilian translator. "We are confident that the evidence will vindicate Mr. Hamama as the honorable, patriotic, loyal American that he is," Faraj said.
Sure, did he get the acolades after it was revealed he was a spy or before? I'm sure people thought Walker and Aldrick Ames were great Americans too until the truth came out.

It's good the FBI caught these iraqi spies, but they found them only from documents found after the downfall of Saddam, and thus after their active use by the Iraqis.

One hopes they are being more diligent with Hizballah, Hamas and Iranian spies and agents of influence that are active here and now.

Another fun tidbit from the article:
Muthanna Al-Hanooti, 49, a former official of the Southfield-based Muslim charity Life for Relief and Development, was indicted on conspiracy and other charges in March. He is accused of working with Iraqi intelligence officials to get the U.S. to lift economic sanctions and organizing a trip to Iraq by former U.S. Rep. David Bonior and other congressmen that was secretly funded by the Iraqi Intelligence Service. He is from Dearborn Heights.
A little digging shows this was the trip the three Democrat Congressmen: McDermott (D-Seattle-Useful idiot), David Bonior (D-used to be Michigan, Useful Idiot) and Mike Thompson (D-California-Useful idiot took to Iraq, paid for by a "concerned Iraqi" - and the Iraqi intelligence service.

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