Thursday, December 08, 2005

Michigan Sec State Clerks Plead Guilty to providing false Licenses and IDs

As reported in the Detroit Free Press:
Three former Michigan Secretary of State clerks plan to plead guilty to charges that they sold fraudulent driver's licenses and identification cards to illegal immigrants and people with bad driving records
And who were the buyers?
Wilkey said she sold the documents to Daher Al-Mayahi, 37, of Dearborn Heights and Ali Hawil, 34 of Dearborn, who also have pleaded guilty in the case and are scheduled for sentencing Wednesday by U.S. District Judge Arthur Tarnow.

Al-Mayahi is an Iraqi national and permanent U.S. resident. Hawil is a citizen of Guinea and is facing deportation.
This was apparently an ongoing scheeme for Al-Mayahi and Hawil to get identification for a number of illegals:
The men admitted bringing illegal immigrants from the East Coast to Michigan to obtain driver's licenses or identification documents as a first step toward receiving immigrant visas and other documents so they could stay in the United States.
Not to mention vote, travel with an identity off of any watch list and do various other activities.
Federal authorities, including U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, have been cracking down on driver's license fraud because the licenses can be used for immigration, bank and mortgage fraud; identity theft and terrorism.

You don't say. One hopes the authorities have extensivley questioned the men and checked for terrorist ties and the whereabout sof asll those provided with the falke drivers licenses and ID cards.

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