Thursday, December 08, 2005

Liberal Party in Canada Proposes handgun ban

Source: The Vancouver Sun MONTREAL -- Prime Minister Paul Martin will propose a ban on most handguns in Canada, CanWest News Service has learned.

Sources say Martin, who will make the election campaign announcement this morning, wants to choke off the supply of handguns in this country, particularly guns brought into the country illegally and those sold on the black market.

There will be some exemptions, including maintaining the right for police to carry handguns. The prime minister is also expected to announce a significant increase in resources for police to deal with the ban.

Nice of the Canadian government to continue to allow police to carry handguns I suppose. Then again former Liberal Justice minister Allan Rock, who introduced the new registration scheme back in 1994 was
"I came to Ottawa with the firm belief that the only people in this country who should have guns are police officers and soldiers."

-- Allan Rock, Canada's Minister of Justice
Maclean's "Taking Aim on Guns", April 25, 1994, page 12.
Nice to see the Liberals are carrying out his beliefs.

This is of course an election campaign ploy on the part of the Liberals, whose prior firearm registration boondogle will likely cost over a billion dollars before it is functioning - far more than the $2 million price tag they stated it would cost. With rising crime, a corruption scandal in government, what else would the Liberals do to earn cheap political points with their base?

So much for the Liberal Party's previous promises that Registration would not lead to confiscation and their portraying those who said it would lead to confiscation as being alarmist.

Hat tips: Instapundit, The Volokh Conspiracy

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