Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Detroit Police Car used to Rob Drivers

The City of Detroit has had an umarked Police Car either misplaced or stolen.

It has likely turned up being used by criminals to impersonate police.

As reported in the Detroit Free Press Article - Fake cops stop driver, leave with his wallet:

Detroit police officials are searching for a 2001 black Crown Victoria that may have been used in a Friday robbery.

Cops are paying special attention to this case: The missing vehicle is an unmarked police car.

Police spokesman James Tate said the vehicle, with the license plate 580X24, disappeared between March 16 and March 21 from its parking spot at . . . outside of Police Department headquarters.
Since then it has apparently been used by criminals to pull people over and steal their wallets. Not good. The public was finally informed about the theft of the car on Monday April 4, after the robbery on Friday.

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