Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Detroit Free Press Doesn't Mind Voter Fraud

The Detroit Free Press Editorial is up in arms that the proposed Michigan legislation permitting early vpoting requires that those voting must show some form of government issued picture identification.

In Absentee Voting Drop ID requirement from bill expanding rights, the Freep bemonas such a requirment for the reasons that
While it's true that a huge majority of people have photo ID these days, there will always be some people who don't -- and they don't deserve to be disenfranchised no matter when or how they vote. For elderly people who no longer maintain a driver's license but still might choose this option over filling out an absentee ballot at home, it would be particularly insulting. For others, the $10 fee for a state personal identification card may be a burden and can amount to the equivalent of an illegal poll tax.

Wow, what a specious argument! The Elderly might be insulted by having to show ID, and being made to purchase such id could be an illegal poll tax. Nonesense.

Apparenlty the Freep concern for people without ID "don't deserve to be disenfranchised no matter when or how they vote" must extend to felons, ilegals and people voting multiple times in terms of when or how theyt might vote.

The right to vote is a precious right, a safeguard and basis for our system of govvernment and reserved for citizens and non-felons to use -- ONCE PER ELECTION. Surely the Detroit Free press ought to be in favor of this minimal requirement of picture identification, which helps protect this cherished right.

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