Friday, February 20, 2004

You can't make this stuff up: Body mix-up during POW exchange deal: Terrorists demand 30 more bodies

From: Maariv international Edition

Arab paper: Israel made a mistake and gave Hezbollah the body of Jew instead of a Lebanese drug dealer. Hezbollah demanding bodies of 30 terrorists to correct the mistake.

Hezbollah claims that Israel made a mistake during the recent prisoner exchange and sent them the body of a Jew instead of that of Lebanese drug dealer Muhamed Biro who died in an Israeli prison when he was 70 years old.

Hmm, so now Israel has to go kill 30 terrorists to make up for the offense? I'm sure the IDF would be willing to accomodate Hezbollah's demands.

Also worthy of note is Hezbollah is making all this fusss over the body of a Drug Dealer...I didn't realize that the Hezbollah was not only a terrorist group but also a drug legalization advocacy group, maybe that's why Reuters still can't bring itself to characterize them as a terrorist group, after all it does so much more than just commit acts of terrorism.

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