Sunday, February 22, 2004

Ebert's Review of Osama misses the mark

Roger Ebert's review of the movie Osama errs when after listing a slew of the Taliban's atrocities and mistreatments of women, so ably recounted in the film and as he mentions in the Film, The Circle about the treatment of women in the mullah's Iran, states that The real weapons of mass destruction are ... men.

Wrong Ebert, the real "weapons of mass destruction" here are the fundamentalist Islamists.

Ebert even contradicts his statement in his own review when he notes that In this country Janet Jackson bares a breast and causes a silly scandal. The Taliban would have stoned her to death. If you put these things into context, the Jackson case begins to look like an affirmation of Western civilization.

If Ebert hasn't noticed, Western civilization has a lot of men in it, and men aren't the problem here. Instead, it is fundamentalist Islam, with its misogynist and backwards view of women that is the cause of the horrors highlighted in the film Osama.

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