Thursday, June 28, 2018

#MeToo Nails Yet Another Democrat Politician

The Detroit News: Suit: Ex-Detroit city councilman harassed female staffer

#MeToo was supposed to be part of the resistance to the illusionary Republican and Trumpian "War on Women".

Instead, #MeToo keeps highlighting the sheer amount of sexual harassment that seems to have been considered normal and indulged in wholesale by Democratic politicians, donors, Hollywood, Democrat-affiliated non-profit orgs, and in the media, and Academia and medical professionals. Heck this list of the #MeToo list from 2017 is almost completely Democrats with the exception of a reference to the true target of #MeToo, with allegations against Trump.

It seems that for far to many Democrat males (and I'll use the term male loosely here as the term lowlifes would be more fitting and accurate), while they publicly mouth the "You Go Girl!" and rah rah feminism cant, they seem intent on trying to use their power and privilege, in the words of leftist ideology, to get a leg over on their female underlings.

Heck this is why Democrats believe there's a War on Women - Among Democrats there really is a War On Women and female Democrats experience it at the hands of high-status Democrat males on a regular basis.

The problem is they extrapolate their experiences at the hands of Platitude mouthing Democrat lowlifes to society at large where for most people it does not go on and is neither permitted nor accepted as normal.

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drjim said...

Those people live in their own world. "Normal" things only apply to us Little People....