Wednesday, June 20, 2018

It's The Little Things Sometimes

Some days I do enjoy the work:

Put a call in to an opposing attorney, He’s an older rather full-of-himself sort that really does think he’s all that, and always rather condescending in his manner.

He answers the phone and after some pleasantries he says “Oh, I generally try to not like opposing counsel but you’re really good and easy to deal with, I don’t like your clients but I really like you. You should really tell your clients to give up though and do a consent judgment in my favor”

Did I mention he’s not just an attorney in this case but he’s also his own client?

“Well”, says I, “You’re going to like me a little less after this phone call.”

“Oh?”, says he.

“This call is to seek your concurrence in a motion dismissing all your claims against my clients.” (Anytime you file a motion you have to call the other side to se if they will agree to it, even though you know they will not, it's one of those rules to promote communication between the parties but unless you're calling for something like adjourning a schedule or similar its a waste of time as the other side will pretty much never agree to lose the case, and everyone knows it).

“Oh”, pause, “You should know that’s not going to work”.

“I’m reasonably sure it will, let’s talk again after you’ve read my motion”.

This motion hearing is going to be fun.

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