Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Stupid Criminal Tricks: Not What They Mean By Breaking And Entering

Breaking and Entering usually involves breaking into another person's structure, entering it and then taking stuff that doesn't belong to you out with you.

For today's episode of stupid criminal tricks, our zero didn't manage that too well.

In short, on illegally entering, the only breaking he did was to himself.

The Detroit Free Press: Man dies after cutting arm during break-in at Petoskey home

Well, he certainly won't be doing that again.


drjim said...

At least it saved booking, holding, and trial costs!

Andrew Wetzel said...

Expect family of fine young upstanding valedictorian man-boy to sue homeowner for loss of income to family, and pain & suffering in 3...2...

And don't forget the extra charges from the funeral home to fix up the stiff to look naturalish.

Aaron said...

drjim: That it does.

Andrew: I can see them complaining that the window wasn't made out of safety glass and how dare they install it with the chance that a criminal could get cut from such sharp edges.