Friday, June 22, 2018

Meeting With Mongo

Had an emergency court appointment as a Guardian Ad Litem today.

Turns out Mongo, who has a Traumatic Brain Injury, wasn't behaving himself at his current care facility and needed to be moved to a more restrictive facility. A court order was needed to get the Police or Sheriffs involved in the move as he had declared he wasn't going anywhere peacefully.

Mongo is well, Mongo-sized, and is currently off and refusing to take his meds, and becoming more and more aggressive and more unstable, mercurial, and threatening as a result with no apparent concern for the consequences his actions.

So far he had threatened to body-slam staff at the facility, his guardian, the guardians agent and probably anyone else he decides he doesn't like.

Even last night he was out on the streets (its not a locked down facility and people there have their own apartments and freedom to move about, yelling and threatening passers by, local police when called decided not to arrest and take him in on a mental hold, apparently for the reason that they can't arrest just every crazy person going around carrying on and yelling and they refused to do anything without a court order. Nice. After the police left he pounded on some car roofs and windows and then went on his way.

Guess who gets to meet Mongo and tell him the good news about the emergency petition to move him?

Yep, me.

First, after discussing things with the guardian, who warns me about him and wishes me good luck, I meet with the staff at the facility and they are all unanimous that he is now a threat to others if not himself and needs to go to a more restrictive setting ASAP. He's threatened the psychiatrist, the clinical director, other staff and other residents in the program.

I head off to meet him with the other clinical director, the one he apparently likes so far.

He starts off the meeting by threatening to cause severe bodily harm to the clinical director he doesn't like and it gets better from there.

He does decide he likes me, because I'm tell him I'm there to help him and I understand he's had issues with his current guardian and would he like to go to a different location? Would he like me to tell the court how he's feeling? I go over his rights and serve him with the petition accordingly.

He's all over the place, sometimes calm, sometimes agitated, unstable, and often threatening multiple people and he switches in a matter of microseconds between these moods and is clearly operating quite a few Froot Loops short of a full cereal box. Thankfully, he decides he likes me the entire time.

So I finish up my discussion, get everything complete and head on my way to get my report in ASAP. He really cannot be in a non-restrictive environment as you can tell by spending any time with him that he's all sorts of unstable and dangerous to boot and the man is a ticking time bomb just waiting to go off.

Report went in, Judge granted the order, and Mongo is on his way to a nice restrictive facility (thankfully there was a bed available) that can handle someone of his size and issues in a therapeutic environment.

Also in all this I learned that this has literally been a crazy week. Apparently all local psych wards are full up and have no available beds for admitting new mental patients right now. This of course means that our largest mental care facility will have to be used - yep, you guessed right, that's jail.

Sheesh, I really deserved some danger pay on that one.


MrGarabaldi said...

Hey Aaron;

Is there a full moon up there?

Aaron said...

MrGarabaldi: Not sure about the moon, but it's definitely the start of silly season around here.