Sunday, June 24, 2018

Beer Came Across The Border Just The Other Day

Tash had a quick trip back and forth to Canada this weekend.

She, being the wonderful person she is, stopped by a local LCBO shop at my request (Liquor Control Board of Ontario - no beer in corner stores there, it's a government controlled operation and selections vary from store to store) and picked me up some beer before she returned to the USA.

Not just any beer either.

She got me some beer that's rare even in Canada, scarce even in Ontario.

She got me The Official Beer of Letterkenny:

Puppers Beer.

So last night pitter-patter I got at 'er and cracked a cold one open.

A darn good beer it is indeed. It's a nice, crisp, refreshing lager. A perfect beer for a hot summers day. It exceeded my expectations, which were pretty high.

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