Friday, June 15, 2018

School Is Out for Summer!

At 10:50 am this morning, the kids were formally released from their last day of school.

There was much rejoicing.

Abby had a nice graduation ceremony yesterday, marking the end of Middle School for her - onward to High School.

Abby also was admitted into the National Junior Honor Society, graduating with straight A's this entire year and a stellar Middle School record.

Leah cleared Grade 6 with style, with all A's as well.


juvat said...

Congratulations Abby. Have a wonderful summer!

drjim said...

Yes, congrats to the young lady.

Let the summer fun commence!

Aaron said...

juvat: Thanks! she did good and deserves a great summer, that's for sure.

drjim: Thanks! Summer fun has already commenced accordingly!

Eaton Rapids Joe said...