Friday, June 29, 2018

Liberal Columnist's Advice To FIx Michigan Schools: Reinforce Failure, But Harder This Time

Nancy Kaffer of the Detroit Free Press is nothing if not predictable.

In any example of government failure, her choice is always - more government.

With any government problem, her choice is always - Throw More Money At it.

Her latest in the Freep is Is your candidate serious about education? Four ways to find out

First she wants to make sure to stick with Common Core and make sure it is kept in place. Even though its proponents have admitted its been a costly failure - an over $4 Trillion dollar failure at that.

But we can't dare change it now accoridng to Kaffer because to do so would be

"advocating for disruption of the data that educators (and lawmakers!) need to serve our kids."

You see if you can't keep the same curriculum of failure, you can't keep measuring the failure with such exactitude. Seriously, that's the justification for keeping this expensive boondoggle in place.

Of course, Kaffer wants more money for teachers, but certianly not merit based pay increases, that would be far too competitive.

She wants to spend yet more money on early childhood literacy, a laudable goal to be sure, but Head Start and such haven't exactly proven to lead to any actual improvement, unless you count new cohorts of paid union members with increased payments to Democrat party coffers to be an improvement.

And of course, mo' money, period.

Same old Kaffer and Democrat song, with the same results as ever.


pigpen51 said...

I have gotten into discussions with teachers from my old school system from when I was a student. They were only kids when I graduated. I asked them, "Just how much money do you think you need to adequately teach kids today?" I asked them because their first battle cry when confronted with poor performance of the kids on testing is always, well we need more money per pupil. So I asked the, how much more money do you think you need. The answer is always the same. More. Not how much, always just, more.
It doesn't matter if they get 8,000$ per year, or 11,000$ per year, they need more.
Don't get me started on head start, or pre school. I did not have either type of program, and yet I not only have a much broader knowledge of plain facts of the world around us, but I was not stunted socially from not having the early play time with other children or whatever the hell it is that the liberals scream is the reason for spending money on programs like those, at a cost to the later programs that could actually teach kids things that are useful.
But you can always bet that the teachers of today have nothing but the best when it comes to college in Michigan. The standards for K-12 teachers at one time was the toughest in the nation. That didn't translate into the best outcomes for student success, only in teacher shortages. Here in Michigan we don't do anything half way. Whether it is a race to the bottom, or spending other peoples money, our law makers are experts, even with term limits.

MrGarabaldi said...

Hey Aaron;

I recall a statistic that the District of Columbia spends $15,000 per kid per year and they have abysmal results. Part of the problem is that the local indigenous personal view education poorly in their culture. Also when the union keeps poor teachers on staff making it difficult to weed them out. There are multiple problems and throwing more money at it ain't gonna solve it.