Friday, June 15, 2018

How Much Is That Doggie-Broken Window?

Came home from work to this:


Jett, you see, is rather affronted by squirrels who think they can just go gallivant about his backyard.

This leads to him barking furiously and leaping at them with his paws hitting the glass, repeatedly.

Or in this case paws pushing the glass right through the frame.

This is the second time in two years that he broke this particular pane of glass.

I'm thinking we're going to replace it with a couple layers of poly-carbonate instead of glass this time.

I'm sorry I broke the glass, but you shoulda seen that flippin' squirrel jump when I busted the window!

Well, the hole is now boarded up, as we'd rather not air condition the backyard and it's going to be sweltering tomorrow. Now to go shop for some poly-carbonate.


Well Seasoned Fool said...

Consider Acrylic. Strong enough and doesn't yellow like poly-carbonate.

B said...

AS WSF suggests. Much better product. Generally stiffer as well.

Or add a stiffener.

Might consider tacking some 1/4" hardware cloth on the inside? I had to do that for my dog on one window.

Aaron said...

WSF and B: Thanks, I'll look into acrylic for the replacement. He actually pushed the interior screen into the window to pop it out, probably would do the same to the hardware cloth.

Old NFO said...

Lucky he didn't cut his paws up. That is a habit you need to break him of.

Murphy's Law said...

Welcome to my world: K9 Thunderdome.