Sunday, June 17, 2018

Father's Day Fly Day

For Father's Day I had a request to take Leah flying again.

How could any father refuse such a request?

The weather was excellent for it, albeit hot and humid.

A few clouds at 4,000 and then clear up to 20,000. Winds 6-7 knots from 260-280. Can't ask for much better than that.

I signed out Warrior 113EJ, did the preflight.

Then and we headed off first to the northeast. You could tell the density altitude was high as the Warrior took forever to climb to altitude. The extra 20 horses under the cowling of an Archer do make a difference.

For Father's Day I wanted to do something special.

When we got up to 3,000 feet in the practice area and cleared the area it was time: I let Leah fly the plane.

She had lots of fun doing it and did some turns and enjoyed herself.

I took us on a course towards the house.

We then flew over West Hills Middle School and Leah got a nice picture of it:

School is out for summer, all right.

While we were flying and taking pictures, someone was taking pictures of us:

Yes, we flew over the house and did a few turns around a point with the house being the point and Natasha got a few photos.

Look who's waving:

After flying over the local lakes a bit and watching the many boaters celebrating Father's Day on the water, we headed back north for a bit to the GM Proving ground:

I let Leah fly the plane some more and then we headed back to Pontiac.

I did a nice right base entry for Runway 27R and did another excellent landing, which was happy making. I even got some applause from my passenger.

Back at Pontiac and parked at DCT we saw a helicopter doing some maneuvers:

Followed by a Cessna Citation coming in to land:

According to FlightAware, its just about to land in Pittsburgh as I'm typing this.

Another great day flying, and she wants to go again.

We went home for some lunch, and now I'm just relaxing after a great flight, but I'll be working the grill for dinner tonight.

1.2 hours and 1 landing.


drjim said...

Was that her first "Flying Lesson"?

I'll never forget mine....

Aaron said...

Drjim: Yes, that was her first time at the controls.

drjim said...


I can guarantee you that experience will stay with her forever....