Monday, June 25, 2018

Range Trip: P30SK 2000 Round Test Hits 1,100

Finally headed to the range yesterday, it had certainly been awhile.

I took Leah along and we had a great time.

We tested out the new firearm we had assembled and were quite happy with the results.

She enjoyed shooting the M&P22 Compact which she refers to as "her gun". She can make good hits with it too.

I shot another 50 rounds through the Shield 45 with zero malfunctions of any kind, and Leah liked shooting it too. The fun is certainly growing on me in the likes department.

We also brought the P30SK along and I put 50 rounds of S&B and 50 rounds of Prvi Partizan through it with no issues whatsoever. The brass does come out a little dirty at the case mouth probably due to the uncleaned chamber, but nice and shiny beyond that. Leah and I both shot it and no issues occurred even with an 11 year-old gripping it and shooting away with it.

That's 1,100 rounds through the P30SK with only one failure (round 22) which was not due to the firearm.

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