Sunday, June 24, 2018

Devotion - A Story of Heroism In The Air And On The Ground During The Korean War

Devotion is an excellent story of friendship, heroism, and the challenges of aviation and the Korean War. Very well written by Adam Makos, the author of A Higher Call, the story focuses on two pilots, one the first African-American Navy Aviator Jesse Brown and his friend, wingman, and hero, Tom Hudner. It's also the story of a heroic helicopter pilot.

The story's climax is set during the fighting at the Chosin reservoir, where thanks to naval aviators like Brown and Hudner, and their flying in terrible conditions to deliver close air support, hundreds of Marines were saved from the Chinese onslaught.

A great book for anyone interested carrier aviation in the Post-World War 2 and early Korean War period and to learn about some heroic deeds with in the air and on the ground that have gone un-retold for some time and deserve some recognition and remembrance today.


Murphy's Law said...

Just bought it. Better be good.

Aaron said...

ML: It is! Besides, it prominently features Corsairs, and you like Corsairs.

Old NFO said...

That is an excellent book!