Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Luckily In This Case, Some Detroit Criminals Really Can't Shoot Well

The Detroit News: Man OK after being shot at 50 times in Detroit

Fifty shots and the intended target is hit with only one non-disabling round to the ankle.

According to the account of the incident in the Detroit Free Press, The four shooters during this 1 am shooting used at least one AK-variant rifle.

Interestingly, the criminals pursued the man into the store, didn't harm anyone else in the store and left, which makes one suspect the wounded man was the sole target for some unspecified reason, and this may very well be criminals going after a fellow traveller.

Nothing much good happens around a Detroit gas station at 1 am folks. L. Brooks Patterson was quite right to warn off people from stopping at Detroit gas stations.

And you can't make this up - there may be no video of the attack because the gas station's video recording equipment had apparently been previously taken by police into evidence due to a prior murder there.


Old NFO said...

Watched too many movies did they???

Aaron said...

Apparently contra the anti-gunners mythos, assault rifles sprayed blindly aren't that accurate nor deadly. Who knew?