Monday, April 27, 2015

The Ferguson Lawsuit Lottery

Some of you may have been expecting this, and sure enough, Michael Brown's parents are going to roll the dice and buy a ticket to play lawsuit lottery.

Findlaw: Michael Brown's parents sue over son's death

The parents of Michael Brown have filed a wrongful-death lawsuit against the city of Ferguson over the fatal shooting of their son by a white police officer.

The Holder Justice Department's finding that there was a pattern of civil rights violations will no doubt be helpful to the parents' claims, even as the same department held (rather reluctantly, but properly and in the face of overwhelming evidence) that Officer Wilson's shooting of the thug trying to kill him was quite justified.

Will the City's insurance company rollover and pay them off? Or will it fight this out in court to prevent the unjust enrichment of the family of a criminal for his death caused by and during his final criminal act?

Any bets on outside pressure on the insurance company to go for the quick payoff?

Will the storekeeper and clerk intervene and sue the estate for damages caused by Michael Brown during his strong arm robbery which led to his fatal confrontation with Officer Wilson?

Stay tuned.

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