Monday, April 20, 2015

When Is An Uzi Not An Uzi?

When the media reports claim a gun is an Uzi of course.

At least they didn't label it a Glock, so we'll give them partial credit.

The Detroit News: Woman carjacked in Roseville by man with Uzi (at 9:14 am)

The article goes on to claim:

Police soon spotted the suspect in the area of Gratiot and 10 Mile where they arrested him without incident. Officers recovered a fully loaded Uzi submachine gun.

By 11:14 am the story changes a bit - The Detroit Free Press: Man with Uzi-style gun tries to carjack Roseville woman

While the headline changed in the Freep to Uzi-style the article itself says:

Police said officers found a fully-loaded Uzi sub-machine gun was found nearby after they arrested a suspect in a failed carjacking attempt this morning.

Here's the pic of the gun that accompanies the article:

That's not an Uzi. it's either a MAC-10 or MAC-11 clone and my bet is it isn't even full auto but a semi-auto considering the difficulty involved in obtaining a Class II firearm. It perhaps could be an illegal conversion or illegal home-built. But, you can't make out the markings in the picture to be sure.

Unsurprisingly, this isn't the felons first go-round with the law:

The suspect is expected to be arraigned later on numerous felony charges, including attempted carjacking and felonious assault, police said. He is already wanted on carrying a concealed weapons warrant out of Detroit in a different case, Berlin said.

Also interestingly, the gun does not come up as stolen:

Police are trying to determine the owner of the machine-gun pistol, which is not listed as stolen, Berlin said.

Since pistols need to be registered in Michigan, it's surprising they can't find the registered owner - or perhaps the criminal didn't obey the law and register it after acquiring it elsewhere - who knew that could happen?

Update: The Detroit News has changed its headline on the story to: Man charged with using Uzi-style gun in carjacking. they also added that its a MAC-11 but still seem to be calling it a machine gun. I halfway bet that before the week is out they'll get around to stating its not a machine gun after all.

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Scott said...

Well, we know it can't be an assault weapon because it doesn't have that shoulder thing that goes up.