Saturday, April 25, 2015

Howdy Howdah

Dixie Gun Works at The NRAAM had quite the large bore pistol for sale:

It's a reproduction of the Howdah pistol.

The Howdah pistol was carried in the eponymous Howdah, the platform used for deluxe travel mounted on the back of an elephant.

It was carried as a "Get Outta My Howdah" pistol by British colonials hunting from their Howdahs. The pistol was there as a last-ditch weapon to stop wild animals in India and Africa that had the temerity to be so impolite as to enter the Howdah while they were busy hunting game, traveling or what have you.

This finely crafted reproduction is in 20 Bore, or .625 in diameter, and it was one of the more unusual firearms at the show.


B said...

Shoots a 20 bore round ball?

Jesus, that's a lot of pistol.

Aaron said...

Yep, I figure it would be very exciting to shoot.

Old NFO said...

That'll leave a mark, on BOTH ends of the gun!