Saturday, April 04, 2015

Happy Passover!

Friday night was the start of Passover.

We went to a friend's house for a seder and had a very good time. Leah did a most impressive job singing the four questions in Hebrew and reading them in English as well.

This morning we had the traditional breakfast meal for Passover in our house: matzah brye.

The easiest explanation for matzah brye is that it is French Toast made out of matzah rather than bread, and it's a tasty treat to start the day.

First take about one sheet of matzah person person and have your minions break it into small pieces in a bowl.

Next, add warm water to the bowl and cover the matzah. 

Then in a separate bowl crack in an egg per person, beat the eggs and add a dash of cinnamon and couple teaspoons of sugar and a bit of salt.

Drain the matzah and then pour the egg mixture over the matzah and mix it together as you heat a frying pan with butter.

Once the pan is hot pour in the matzah and egg mixture.

Flip over when it is golden brown underneath, cook the other side and serve.

And that's how you make matzah brye.  Generally, it is best with maple syrup but other toppings are also acceptable.

Happy Passover, and a Happy Easter to my Christian friends and readers out there.


NotClauswitz said...


juvat said...

I think my blood sugar went up about 10 points as I looked at the pictures. Happy Passover to you and yours, Aaron.

Murphy's Law said...

Thinking of you today.

OldAFSarge said...

Happy Passover Aaron.

(That looked delicious!)

Excelling in Mediocrity said...

Thank you for sharing this!

Aaron said...

NotClauswitz: Thanks!

juvat: Yes, it's not exactly a low carb breakfast.

ML: Love that one.

OldAFSarge: Thanks, and it was delicious.

EiM: You're most welcome