Sunday, April 26, 2015

The Glock 21 SF

One of the pistols I had brought to the range with me yesterday was the Glock 21 SF.

The Glock 21 SF is a refinement of the Glock 21.

The SF stands for short frame - while the width is the same, the distance between the backstrap and trigger is shortened, making it much more comfortable to hold, less blocky, and a far better fit for my hand. The change removes 5 millimeters in length from the gun, reducing it from 209 (8.22 inches) to 204 mm (8.03 inches). It doesn't sound like much, but it makes a very noticeable difference. Even with the short frame it certainly is the largest Glock in my collection.

In .45 ACP it certainly has an impressive looking bore.

This Glock 21SF was already used when it was purchased by me, but you certainly can't tell from the condition of the pistol. It looked practically new when purchased and still looks practically new now.

As for how it shoots, the trigger does feel a bit crunchy, but the first magazine through it showed it was no barrier to good shooting. Ten plates were downed in ten shots and the three remaining rounds in the magazine went right into the A-zone of a cardboard target. Not bad for the first shots. 87 further rounds followed the first 13 and fired with no issues. Everything about this pistol is just right on, which isn't really a surprise.

Recoil was very minimal, and it felt perceptibly less than a 1911. The gun handled very well indeed with follow-up shots and transitions from plate to plate being very easy to make. You could say the purchase of this gun was indeed Justified.


Old NFO said...

Very nice! And those are good pistols!

Scott said...

The next time we go shooting, I want to try that one out for hand fit, as that will be my next pistol purchase. I'm trying to decide between Gen 3SF or Gen 4 with the smaller backstrap.

Aaron said...

Old NFO: Thanks, and that they are.

Scott: Indeed, and you're welcome to come by and try it out. We should meet up together soon perhaps at the Brighton range or CCRC.