Thursday, April 23, 2015

Points Of Parental Pride

I just got some news that every parent cherishes - finding out that one's progeny has been recognized for excellence.

Abby has been on the school newspaper and some of her articles were up for awards for excellence in scholastic journalism with MIPA, the Michigan Interscholastic Press Association.

It turns out that she won awards for two of the articles she and her co-author wrote:

1st place along with her co-writer in the Informative Feature category; and

2nd place along with her co-writer in the Alternative Story Form category for an article on the issue of texting and driving.

To say that I am very proud of all the hard work she put into those articles, and the quality that resulted is an understatement.


Murphy's Law said...

Most excellent and not surprisiong at all, mnowing the kids and their parents.

Expatriate Owl said...

During the last week of First Grade, I had gotten myself into some trouble with my Dad for a series of various and sundry transgressions. Dictatorship that the household was, Dad pronounced sentence upon me: No allowance (all of 25 cents per week) for two weeks.

Two days before the last day of classes for the school year (the last day being all of 3 hours), the four First Grade teachers conducted a First Grade Spelling Bee. I took 2nd place.

Two days later, a few hours after school let out for the summer, the mother of the 3rd Place winner fortuitously ran into my Mom, and informed Mom of my success.

My Dad, of course, was informed of this when he got home that evening. This put him into a bind, because backing down on the allowance deprivation would cast him as a weak administrator, and undermine his own authority.

But Dad was genuinely proud of me. So he gave me a quarter and informed me that while the allowance suspension still stood, he did see fit to give me a "reward" for taking 2nd place in the spelling bee.

Years later, I was in a similar situation with my own son. He had won an essay contest after I had grounded him for certain infractions. I eased up on the restrictions.

Mazel Tov to Abby! During any given school year, just about every middle school newspaper has an article about the new teachers in the school. Few if any have such a catchy and fitting title.

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