Thursday, April 30, 2015

Giving No Space To Those Who Wish To Destroy In Detroit

Unlike Baltimore's mayor, Detroit's Police Chief handled protesters well and prevented the demonstrations from becoming a riot.

How did he do it?

By enforcing the law and clearly communicating that the law would be enforced.

The Detroit News: Unruly crowd confronting Detroit police caught on video

"They came real close to crossing the line and getting arrested," Detroit Police Chief James Craig said Thursday. "I got the call that officers were getting ready to make arrests; I said 'do it; if they commit a crime, I want an arrest made.'"

. . .

Craig said officers warned the protesters they would be arrested if things escalated.

"We told them we won't tolerate any acts of violence, assaults on police officers, or damage to police equipment," he said. "Once they saw the presence of the jail bus, they decided to comply with the direction."

Now that's how you do it.

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SJ said...

I like seeing news like that.

Chief Craig appears to be doing a good job on the public-relations side of things.

His job is not an easy one.