Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Activities Outside The NRAAM

There was quite a bit to see and do around Nashville during the occasional break from the Firearms Law Seminar, The First Aid for Shooters class and touring the show floor. In other words, little of the time was spent in places other than the convention center until it had closed for the nights.

So once the show ended we went a wandering.

Broadway had it's charms - many bars with loud music, often so loud you could not hear yourself think, and crowds aplenty.

There were also many strange sights on Broadway, such as this strange duo of a Horse and a Horse's ass, you guess which is which.

Unfortunately many establishments on Broadway had "no guns allowed" signs up:

So we didn't go into Legends and give them any of our money accordingly to obey the sign.

Many bars on the strip however did not have the signs up and you could go in and listen to live music so long as you didn't drink. So, I ended up consuming a lot of Diet Coke. Since it was Passover until Saturday night, beer was off the table for me anyways so it was no big deal.

Printer's Alley, located off of the main Broadway strip was a bit quieter place for some good food and the ability to sit at a table and actually hear yourself and whoever was with you.

Located in Printer's Alley was the awesome Fleet Street pub, a bar with a very very English theme:

I need one of those posters.

The fries with Stilton on them were quite awesome indeed, a combination I had never considered before, but they certainly went well together.

There was also on Saturday night a gathering of many of the bloggers and their SOs present, great people all, and much interesting conversation was had,

This gathering on Saturday night at the Sole Mio Italian restaurant beat the gathering on Friday night that was in a bar that was so loud you couldn't hear the person next to you. Also we had waited over an hour to be seated even after having our group listed and watching others being seated ahead of us so the excellent service at Sole Mio was a welcome change. It also beat it as Passover had just ended and there was bread on the table, pasta on the menu and I engaged in some serious carb loading.

After the dinner some of us stopped by one of the hotels where many of the bloggers were staying (unlike our flea-bag Econolodge with its spotty to non-existent wi-fi and spotty overall condition) and had some further excellent conversation. This was quite a bright bunch of bloggers indeed, as you can see from Old NFO's description of the group.

A great bunch of people and I can't wait to meet up with them again at the NRA's next annual meeting scheduled for Louisville, Kentucky in 2016 or sooner at other events.

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ProudHillbilly said...

Interesting. Lent coincides with Passover and people often give up meat and survive on bread and pastas.