Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Obama delays as Iran builds nukes and the delivery systems for them.

On May 18, Obama says he wants progress with Iran by year's end

Iran's Response Today:
Iran says it tests missile, Israel within range.

So nice of Obama to not only give the Iranians a year to develop a nuclear weapon (and some long range solid fuel missiles to deliver them on) before he gets serious but to announce his intention to give them a year to accomplish their goals.

So much for that good ol' Hope and Change.

Change? What change? This administration wants to forget about the world while it reshapes the United State's economy and society in its own far left image.

Hope? As in - Is there any hope the Obama administration will get serious on major international problems and develops a workable strategy for dealing with them? There's been no real strategy for the Middle East enunciated by the Obama administration -- aside from:

A. its current wrongheaded, outdated and fundamentally flawed State-Department and arabist driven concept that the secret to success in the Middle East is to put pressure on Israel while mollycoddling terrorist and dictatorial regimes. Or is this strategy Obama just trying to get Israel to "take one (nuke) for the team?" and;

B. Withdrawing from Iraq (eventually) and closing Guantanamo (maybe) and not doing anything the Republican administration did with regards to national security (or maybe he will, because it is A-OK when Democrats do it).

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