Saturday, May 23, 2009

Our new US Car Overlords

What was the old saw about government's view of dealing with business?

Step 1. If it moves tax it;
Step 2. If it keeps moving regulate it;

We're now up to Step 3 -

If it stops moving - subsidize it (links to theDetroit News commentary by David Harsanyi by .
Finally, Americans can start moving forward -- albeit in small, unsafe, state-mandated, subsidized pieces of junk.

We all remember a time when we drove around in nearly any variety of automobile desired. Well, thank goodness we're getting past that kind of anarchy.

Rejoice, my fellow citizens, in the forthcoming automobile emissions and efficiency standards, even if they happen to add more than $1,000 to the cost of your average car.

and Step 4 - Own it.
The United States government, if you haven't noticed, owns the auto manufacturing industry, props up the last vestiges of "labor" and soon will bail out the failed state of California. So this harmonizing of disparate interests is what a gracious person might call a "conflict of interest" and an honest person refers to as "racketeering."

What should really make those concerned about the fate of the auto industry in America really happen is the realization that the majority of Obama's new Automotive Overlords either don't Own cars, or own foreign cars.

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