Friday, May 01, 2009

I go away for a bit and this place goes to heck in a handbasket

Yeesh, I go on a 6 day (4 work day) vacation and:

- Air Force one buzzes New York Cityon a photo or fundraiser jaunt panicking many.

- Swine Flu hops the border, gets into Texas and arrives in Michigan

- Obama puts Chrysler into bankruptcy

- Michigan Democrats and some Republicans vote in the House for no reason absentee voting (it should be called the Voter Fraud Enhancement act).

- People are actually considering Granholm for a spot on the US Supreme Court now that Souter is announcing he is leaving that august building.

I really can't go on vacation anymore, bad things just happen when I'm not on the job. And where's everyone else keeping up their end hmmmm?

Ok, end of the narcisistic "I'm the center of the universe and this is only happening 'cause I went on vacation" mode.

On the upside the vacation - taking the kids to Disney World was great. Tiring and somewhat athletic but great. Full report to follow (with pictures, commentary about the amusement parks and a certain rental car company to avoid).

Downside, I had to work the equivalent of two weeks in the week preceding it to get away at all -- very tiring and no time for blogging then either.

So I'm back and normal blogging will resume shortly.

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